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December / 2020

Stanford University

To enable Principal Investigator Scott Hall, PhD, to measure the longer-term effectiveness of a targeted twelve-week behavioral intervention for children with Fragile X syndrome.

March / 2019

University of Wisconsin-Madison Waisman Center

To establish high-quality stem cell lines from people with Fragile X for use in future research.  Two-year grant 2019-2020.

September / 2017

Stanford University

To support research by Philippe Mourrain, PhD, on “Synaptic System Characterization and Pharmacological Normalization of Fragile X Syndrome.”  Three-year grant 2017-2020.

April / 2016

University of California, Los Angeles

To support research in Fragile X syndrome by Principal Investigator Carlos Portera-Cailliau.  Four-year grant 2016-2020.

December / 2015

Stanford University

To conduct research by Scott Hall on Fragile X syndrome. Four-year grant 2015-2019.

February / 2015

University of Wisconsin-Madison Waisman Center

To support research about Fragile X by Principal Investigators Xinyu Zhao and Anita Bhattacharyya. Three-year grant 2015-2018.

July / 2014

Boston Children’s Hospital

To conduct research in Down syndrome.

December / 2013

University of Wisconsin-Madison Waisman Center

To conduct research into identifying reactivation reagents in a high throughput unbiased screen using human Fragile X patient-derived neural cells, to correct the root cause of Fragile X.

December / 2013

Vanderbilt University

To conduct a randomized controlled trial of an early communication intervention with children with Down syndrome. Four-year grant 2014-2018.

December / 2012

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

To conduct a Phase II placebo-controlled proof of concept study of acamprosate in 48 youth with Fragile X Syndrome.  Four-year grant 2012-2016.