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December / 2020

Concerned Citizens of Mossville

To advocate for environmental justice, educate residents about the health and environmental impacts of toxic pollution, compel federal and state environmental agencies to enforce human rights laws, and advocate for health services, relocation, and pollution reduction to improve the lives and health of residents in and near Mossville, Louisiana.

December / 2020

Community In-Power and Development Association

To organize, educate, and empower residents in low-income communities in Port Arthur, Texas, to take action against neighboring chemical manufacturers, refineries, and incinerator facilities to keep them from polluting the air, land, and water.

December / 2020

Concerned Citizens of St. John

To work on environmental health and justice with the local community in St. John the Baptist Parish, where there are four large chemical plants within a few miles of each other.

December / 2020

Louisiana Environmental Action Network

To use education, empowerment, advocacy, and support to resolve the unique environmental struggles present in Louisiana.

December / 2020

RISE St. James

To save communities in St. James Parish from industrial pollution and exposure to toxic chemicals.

December / 2020

Louisiana Bucket Brigade

To use grassroots action to achieve sustainable neighborhoods free from industrial pollution and to hasten the transition from fossil fuels.