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July / 2017

ChemSec Creates New “Dating Site” for Safer Chemistry

The corporate drive to substitute hazardous chemicals in products and supply chains is increasing dramatically, but it it is difficult for those creating safer alternatives to find those seeking them. This May, JMF grantee ChemSec (the International Chemical Secretariat) announced the launch of their Marketplace. In the words of  Anne-Sofie Andersson, Executive Director at ChemSec, “The Marketplace provides both a unique market opportunity for producers of safer alternatives, as well as a one-stop shop for progressive companies looking to substitute hazardous chemicals in their products.”

On Marketplace, safer alternatives are offered in the form of ads created by companies.  Some of the most forward-thinking chemical producers, such as Clariant, Chemours, and Valspar, are already featuring products on the website. “ChemSec’s Marketplace is a unique digital forum for suppliers and purchasers to exchange interest in commercial products that represent technical alternatives that may meet their sustainability goals or other business needs. Valspar is honored to be one of the first companies to place an advertisement for the valPure® V70 food contact coating technology on the Marketplace. We hope that others share our commitment to transparency and innovation and will advertise their solutions as well,” says Flavio Marchi, Global Marketing Director for Packaging at Valspar.

Click here for a Marketplace FAQ.