The John Merck Fund

Program Areas

Grantee Profiles

  • Clean Energy

    National Wildlife Federation and Special Initiative on Offshore Wind

    On December 12, the United States’ first commercial offshore wind farm came online off of Block Island, Rhode Island, and began providing electricity to the grid.

  • Regional Food Systems

    The Wellspring Collaborative

    With JMF’s funds, Wellspring put together a detailed business plan, secured land, raised $900,000 in financing including $250,000 through a direct public offering ...

  • Health and Environment

    Silent Spring Institute

    Did you ever wonder what's in all that dust accumulating under your couch? Silent Spring Institute has discovered that there is more lurking in it than pet hair and food crumbs. This past September, Silent Spring teamed up with fellow JMF grantee ...

  • Developmental Disabilities

    Scott S. Hall, PhD, Stanford University

    “Social-environmental factors have profound effects on neurodevelopment and behavior. We need to address the child’s social environment if treatments are to be successful.” – Scott S. Hall, PhD, Stanford University

Why we’re going out of business

Children with developmental disabilities, victims of climate disruption, families suffering from air pollution and exposure to toxic chemicals, and communities without access to healthy food should not have to wait for small incremental progress. That’s why we adopted a “spendout” strategy in 2012.