Grant Program Environment

Center for Food Safety

To prevent any new approvals and/or commercialization of genetically engineered crops and contain the crops already approved by promoting strict environmental and human health federal and state regulations on genetic engineering, including mandatory labeling of genetically engineered food products already…

Maine Women’s Policy Center

To protect human health from toxic chemical exposures where we live, work and play, in 2010 by: ensuring strong implementation of Maine’s precedent-setting safer chemicals policy; participating in a national coalition to comprehensively reform federal chemicals policy based on the…

Upstream Policy Institute

To coordinate a national strategy that promotes extended producer responsibility policies; build momentum in eight states ready to consider those policies; establish extended producer responsibility as an effective tool to address climate change; and increase organizational capacity.

Clean Air Task Force

To significantly reduce greenhouse gases in the near term, while decreasing harmful pollutants by requiring coal plants to meet stringent air emission performance standards and creating and funding strong federal mandates for cleaning up diesel engines.

National Family Farm Coalition

To advocate within the USDA’s agricultural biotechnology rulemaking process for an appropriate balance between the interests of farmers and the environment and those of the biotech industry; and to educate and organize farmers through the new Farmers Rights, Farmers Choice…