Grant Program Health and Environment

Clean Water Fund

To use current research to engage a cadre of new spokespeople and decisionmakers to win additional chemicals policies in Connecticut, fully implement laws enacted in recent years, and advance market campaigns.

Coming Clean

To force chemical industry reforms so that it is no longer a source of harm to health by: publicizing compelling biomonitoring data; promoting safe substitutions for toxic chemicals through alternatives assessments; linking market campaigns to policy objectives; offering strong messages…


To use the findings of the Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging report to engage senior citizens’ organizations and members in promoting policies that foster healthier living for all ages.

Ecology Center

To advance’s capacity to drive large-scale, market-based changes to make products safer; boost state chemicals policy reform campaigns; and build a long-term constituency for national reforms through increased consumer engagement and industry motivation.

Mercury Policy Project

To reduce and eventually eliminate mercury use in lightbulbs, foster purchase of the least toxic and most energy efficient lighting, promote shared business responsibility for recycling discarded mercury-containing lightbulbs, and reduce initial cost of the next generation light-emitting diode technology,…

National Council of Churches

To mobilize the faith community-clergy, laity and religious leaders-to educate state and federal policymakers about the dangers of toxic chemicals from a moral perspective; and to motivate mothers as well as older churchgoers to become engaged on environmental health issues.

Natural Resources Defense Council

To protect children and other vulnerable populations from toxic chemicals by: improving the legal and regulatory system, in particular achieving health-protective regulations for high-priority toxic chemicals; expanding the availability of information about the health and environmental effects of toxic chemicals…