Grant Program Health and Environment

Advancing Green Chemistry

To create a scientific testing protocol that will indicate whether a new chemical under development is an endocrine disrupter; and to publicize leading scientists’ judgment that the current regulatory regime for chemicals neglects current, widely accepted science.

Breast Cancer Fund

To bring more and stronger health-affected voices to the debate on more effective chemical regulation; to build consumer demand for nontoxic products; and to harmonize key state and federal environmental health advocacy campaigns.

Clean Production Action

To accelerate the shift away from toxic chemicals toward safer substitutes in American businesses through joint business-NGO development of tools and resources that companies need; and to demonstrate to policymakers that chemicals reform will benefit both company bottom lines and…


To educate national learning and developmental disabilities organizations and neurodegenerative disease organizations about environmental links to neurological disabilities, increase collaboration among them, cultivate opportunities for them to support chemicals policy reforms, and translate relevant emerging science for their use.